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Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Welcome to the Hoover Institution's State and Local Governance Initiative

The Hoover Institution's State and Local Governance Initiative aims to provide high-quality economic policy research to state and local policymakers across the United States. 

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State and Local Governance Initiative

State and local governments perform many of the functions key to Americans' day-to-day lives, from K-12 education to infrastructure maintenance to public safety. Our team of economists aims to perform empirical policy research to make these vital services as efficient and effective as possible.

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Our Research

Learn about the diverse topics we study

Our primary research areas include economic development, workforce training and education, tax policy, public pensions, infrastructure and energy policy. 

Our Model

We maximize the impact of our research through partnerships with state and local government agencies and legislative bodies. With such a broad topical and geographic mandate, our research agenda is determined by the areas where we can most effectively forge these partnerships. And because the highest quality research often requires access to government datasets, our partnership model allows us to build trust and collaboration with policymakers. 

If you are interested in learning more about a partnership with our team, please click here.

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Contact Us

Hoover Institution
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Stanford University
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Joshua Rauh, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution and Ormond Family Professor of Finance, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Dean W. Ball, Senior Program Manager

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