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Most of our research relies on close partnerships with state and local government agencies. We do this for two main reasons: 

  • To ensure that our research is as relevant as possible to state and local policymakers 
  • To make use of non-public government datasets, enabling our research to be rigorously evidence-based and leading to the best possible policy recommendations

We aim to produce research that addresses a critical topic that is top-of-mind for policymakers and where relevant government agencies are willing and able to share data with our team. While we work with private datasets, we do not generally work with data that would allow us to identify a specific firm or individual. We do not use datasets shared with us for anything other than their intended purpose. We are comfortable accessing data through government servers, so that it remains in the hands of the agencies that steward it, though we also have the capability to securely store data on Stanford University servers. 

We do not generally charge government agencies for our work, and most of our findings published in peer-reviewed academic journals. Once the research is ready to be shared, our team will be happy to provide briefings and presentations to policymakers throughout the state(s) we are studying. 

If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with Dean Ball, Senior Program Manager, at